3 Rules of Planning: What, When, Which

I want to share 3 easy planning rules, anyone can follow.
WHAT do I do today? For eg:
-pick from a weekly list or a monthly list
-have a list sorted by urgency
-have tasks/projects sorted by category
-have tasks/projects sorted by type

WHEN do I do it? For eg:
-create blocks of time in your day (week, month) 
-schedule your tasks/projects each day (or week) 
-add time estimates to each task
-plan ahead (by a day or even a week) for each of your tasks

WHICH tasks should you tackle first? For eg:
-few easy/short tasks to get momentum
-the most important task
-a task that is weighing on you
-a task that has been on your to-do list for a long time

Happy Planning.

Event Manager turned Digital Product Creator

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